Flavors & Mix-Ins

Mix Up an Award-Winning Ice Cream Creation!

MaggieMoo's super premium ice cream is made fresh in the Treatery. You can create your own ice cream masterpiece by selecting one of our award-winning ice cream flavors and choosing your favorite mix-ins, such as nuts, fruits and candy. We handfold your creation right in front of you.

Start creating with our list of flavors and mix-ins below! Some flavors and mix-ins are subject to seasonal availability and may vary by Treatery location. Or, try one of Maggie's Fresh Escapes, fifteen of her favorite ice cream combinations.

Ice Cream Flavors


o Amooretto
o Apple Strudel
o Banana Pudding
o Better Batter
o Black Cherry
o Butter Pecan
o Cafe Cubana
o Cheesecake
o Cocca Amooretto
o Cotton Candy
o Chocolate
o Chocolate Bananna
o Chocolate Better Batter
o Choco-Mallo
o Chocolate Peanut Butter
o Chocolate Rasberry
o Cinnamoo
o Cool Mint
o Creamy Coconut
o Dark Chocolate
o Egg Nog
o Espresso Bean
o French Vanilla
o Fresh Banana
o Irish Cream
o Key Lime
o Maggie's Fudge
o Mint Chocolate
o Moocha
o Non-Fat Vanilla
o Peanut Butter with Reese's Peanut Butter
o Pina Cowlada
o Pink Bubblegum
o Pink Peppermint Stick
o Pistachio
o Pumpkin Pie
o Raspberry
o Strawberry
o Southern Peaches
o Tres Leches
o Udderly Cream
o Vanilla
o Vanilla Bean
o Very Yellow Marshmallow
o No Sugar Added Strawberry

* Some flavors are seasonal - please call or email us to see if your favorite flavor is available.


o Almonds
o Bananas
o Brownies
o Butterfinger
o Cake Cone Pieces
o Caramel
o Cherries
o Chocolate Flakes
o Chocolate Sprinkles
o Coconut
o Cookie Dough
o Fudge
o Gummy Bears
o Heath Bar
o M&M’s
o Marshmallow Cream
o Mini Marshmallows
o Mixed Nuts
o Nilla Wafers
o Oreo’s
o Peanut Butter
o Pecans
o Pineapple
o Rainbow Sprinkles
o Raspberries
o Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
o Snickers
o Sno-Caps
o Strawberries
o Twix
o Waffle Cone Pieces
o Walnuts
o White Chocolate Chips
o Whoppers
o York Peppermint Patties

* We are always adding additional mix-ins & removing unpopular ones - call or email us to check on your favorites.